High quality, experience and client focus

The company creates and fulfils top-notch energy designs, focusing on the initial ideas of the client and delivering the best possible results..

We provide the following services:

Feasibility studies, engineering surveys, technical and detailed designs, project technical maintenance.
Design of transformer substations and switchyards up to 400kV

We create designs for the construction or reconstruction of various voltage transformer substations and switchyards. Everything is designed in a 3D environment, hence why the quality of our work is always on spot.

Up to 400kV voltage power line design

Our company calculates overhead power line sag and tension by determining current and normative distances to the ground and preparing longitudinal profiles. We design various types of steel and reinforced concrete towers for overhead lines.

Design of interior wiring for industrial, administrative, residential, and non-residential buildings

We design internal wiring for all types of buildings, focusing only on efficient and cost-effective solutions. We also make sure that the lighting of the premises meets both hygiene and client requirements.

Renewable energy source design

We design solar photovoltaic power plants and wind farms, carry out designs for manufacturers and operators, coordinate them with responsible authorities.

Earthing and lightning protection design

Lightning protection reliability is determined based on the purpose of the structure and the severity of the possible consequences of the lightning, taking into account the risk according to the provisions of LST EN 62305-2. We classify lightning arresters, grounding conductors, and protection zone dimensions according to the protection class.

Street lighting network design

We create lighting solutions for private areas, streets, squares, parks and sidewalks. The best lighting designs are selected after we have the exact estimates..

Telecommunication design

We design electronic communications, i.e. transmission of signals by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic means.

Process control and automation design

During the process control and automation phases we provide design solutions for power supply, control, telecontrol, control of power drives of up to 0.4kV, technological process, building engineering systems and equipment management and automation.

Alarm system design

We design fire detection and alarm systems that transmit fire signals to a centralized monitoring station. Design solutions for security alarms include building protection against intrusion, access control, video surveillance, unauthorized access information, and data forwarding to security services.

Evaluating local and object estimates

We develop construction scope charts and resource sheets. After that we round up the final price of the construction.

Construction supervision

We supervise the construction site seeking the highest possible quality.

Design support

We provide professional support. Our advice will help you spend less and achieve the best results.